Over the past 5 years, a growing number of experienced Canadian studios have diversified their business to include volume photography. As professional photographers, being already familiar with advanced portrait lighting and visual design, they often lead markets with superior volume photography offerings. Working to meet client needs under tight deadlines is a natural fit for experienced professional photographers.

There is tremendous creative satisfaction gained from utilizing your photographic skill to offer cutting-edge products seamlessly to hundreds or thousands of excited customers. What child doesn’t want to be a hero and emulate the look of their favourite sports stars? Successful studios offer graphic-based products emulating entertainment media at price points parents are happy to pay. Bringing professional level lighting and photography to this market earns thousands of loyal clients that you connect with multiple times a year.

For many, the showstopper is the perceived volume of post-production drudgery, sends most running for the hills. If volume photography required individual photo attention and manual graphic editing, you couldn’t charge enough, stay sane and meet deadlines. This perception keeps many potential competitors away, and unable-to-compete studios, working smarter. In reality, this aspect of the business is where the biggest advances have been made. The volume photographer can now focus on image and product creation by utilizing software that automates the population, creation, and delivery of the product. These systems empower the photographer to compete with any volume provider. It is very satisfying for independent studios to outbid and out-deliver corporate competition in the school photography marketplace.

The independent studios can now utilize the power of volume-specific software to generate personalized graphic-rich products that auto populates custom text fields with the click of a button. These systems allow photographers to process huge orders which arrive back at your studio packaged and ready for delivery.

Often associated with volume photography, is the potential for profit. Every photographer that I’ve known who has made a serious effort in volume photography, has made it a cornerstone of their business due to positive business growth.


Lee Simmons Bio
Lee Simmons Lee Simmons ( has been a professional photographer since his early 20’s. Lee has enjoyed a varied and successful career. Beginning in the late nineties as a commercial tourism photographer Lee’s client list was the who’s who of the tourism industry. His landscape and stock images continue to sell in galleries, postcards, and books.

He then formed a partnership that would become the largest photography provider in the Canadian Rockies with 25 staff, 5 retail stores, and professional photography services. Working closely within the Fairmont properties Lee and his team offered world-class corporate event photography for businesses and celebrities. In 2009 Vancouver Island called and Lee relocated to Campbell River, BC. A firm desire to create a profitable and secure business led to the high volume photography business model offered exclusively by Technicare Imaging Ltd.

Today Lee dominates the youth sports market in his area with a full range of custom products delivered with seamless flow integration. His steadily growing business has just moved to a new studio and he continues to expand the school and grad offerings using the Flow platform.