About Payment Profiles

How and when am I notified that a payment has been transacted through my credit card?

Within minutes of completing a transaction you will be notified by email. This email will contain the dollar value of the transaction along with the invoice number, as such you may want to print or store this for future reference. A detailed invoice will be included when goods are shipped, or are picked up.

I have just opened an account with Technicare, how does a payment profile get created for me?

Our accounting staff will enter the data you provided with your account application and create an initial profile for you.

I have multiple cards that I want to use, can Technicare’s system store more than one card number?

No, the system that is in place can only store a single credit card to bill against. To avoid potential delays in shipments, it is important to provide a card that can be successfully transacted against.

I want to change the method used for paying my account, can I delete my Payment Profile?

Payment profiles can only be deleted by authorized Technicare Management. If you wish to have your profile taken off this system please contact your Account Manager and within 24 hours this information will be permanently removed. Your account with Technicare will continue to be active.

I want to switch the credit card number that is being billed against; do I need to call Technicare?

No, if you wish to choose an alternate card to bill against please go to the Payment Profiles area of our website and enter the new information.

My address and/or phone number has changed, can I just go to my Payment Profile to do this update?

Updating your contact information in Payment Profiles is only for the purpose of transacting payments with the card you have on file. Updates to this area are sent directly to Beanstream’s secured servers and do not act as updates for our accounting and shipping software. If your contact information changes please contact us or alternately go the Client Services/Account Management/Contact Information. Edits made in this area will notify us of your change request and will ensure all of our systems are kept current.

The card I have on-file is about to expire, do I need to update this information?

No, once your payment profile has been activated, the Beanstream System and the card issuing company recognize this as authorization for use and expiry dates are no longer considered.

The credit card set up in my Payment Profile does not have enough credit left to clear my invoice. What will Technicare do?

We strongly recommend you ensure the card entered in your Payment Profile has enough credit available to transact your ongoing invoices with us. Using Beanstream’s secured portal to transact payment on your behalf is not a free service to Technicare. All transactions, whether approved or declined come at a price; it is a cost of doing business in today’s environment. Unfortunately, we can not absorb this cost when transactions are declined and as such a $1.00 charge may be applied when transactions are declined by your card provider. Of course, our customer service personnel will contact you should a card transaction be declined.